Areas of WorkRFSL

Annual meeting for RFSL Jönköping 10 March fr. at 14:00 at Kulturhuset Jönköping (Link to open event on the Facebook page)

Events on our Facebook page
On our Facebook page, we share our, the Federation’s and other LGBTQI/Cooperation organizations’ events.

LGBTQ Brunnen Jönköping (Organizer Jönköping Municipality, Link to Facebook page with more information)
Every Thursday at 13:00 – 20:00, LGBTQ people from 13 years and up meet at Brunnen. Which is a municipal meeting place for young people up to 25 years.

Parent group for those living in the Rainbow family (Organizer Jönköping Municipality, Link to the municipality’s page, with more information about the activity)
A parent group aimed at those of you who live in a rainbow family.
Where community and discussions about parenting and more LGBTQ-specific issues are offered.