School information

At the moment, we have two of our own trained school informants within RFSL Jönköping.
If you are interested in us coming out, please contact:

A school information from RFSL gives students the opportunity to see and question norms, get information and ask questions that few others can answer. In addition to having a school information as part of a theme day about sexuality and coexistence, some schools choose to include the lecture in the context of other subjects in school such as social studies, biology, psychology or life skills, which is actually preferable.

What is a school information?
Usually, a school information is one or more lessons where usually two informants inform about the heteronorm and its consequences, as well as basic facts about norms around gender and sexuality. The informants are trained and, by agreement, give a review of the concepts that are usually used, reasoning about the heteronorm, perhaps some historical facts, and other things that may be appropriate at the level that the students are studying.

There are also our knowledgeable neighboring branches or our main federation if we are not able to:

Want to become a schoolinformant?

Do you want to become a school informant for RFSL Jönköping?
We always need more to be able to offer school information in Region Jönköping County. As a prospective school informant, you will undergo a special school informant training organized through our federation, where other prospective school informants from other branches also participate.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you are interested in becoming a school informant!